Tunde Adebola


I am interested in the ecological outcomes resulting from the combination of environmental processes and human activities in aquatic ecosystems – marine, estuarine and lacustrine environments.

My goal is to understand large scale spatio-temporal ecological outcomes in these human impacted aquatic ecosystems.

In order to accomplish this goal, I use modeling techniques/tools such as ecosystem fisheries management model (Ecopath with Ecosim software) to evaluate aquatic food-webs and their ecological status.

Geographically, my area of interest are the coastal systems of W. Africa and the lacustrine system of Lake Chad – a lake that shrunk by ~ 90% of its historical size since the last 4 decades.

I’m currently developing an ecosystem model for Nigerian coastal waters with the aim of  understanding this system and proffering scientific solutions that will alleviate anthropogenic impacts on commercial living resources such as shrimp and fish.


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