Sediment enters the Northern Gulf of Mexico. MODIS imagery courtesy of NASA.

NOAA’s Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research funded three projects under the NGOMEX 2016 funding cycle. Information and progress on one of these projects, led by Kim de Mutsert, is posted on this webpage. The main goal of this project is to integrate physical, biological, bioenergetics, and ecosystem models to address how changes in nutrient loads from the Mississippi River affect fish and fisheries in the northern Gulf of Mexico, develop practical management tools based on these linked models, and deliver those to managers and stakeholders. Regular meetings with an advisory panel and stakeholders are included in the project to facilitate the transition of information and tools to decision makers.

Technical Abstract – NGOMEX 2016: User-driven tools to predict and assess effects of reduced nutrients and hypoxia on living resources in the Gulf of Mexico.

Full Proposal


Milestones (PDF)

Advisory Panel Call 1:  (1/27/2017)
Presentation 1 – Matt Campbell
Presentation 2 – Kim de Mutsert

Workshop 1:  Hypoxia Effects on Fish and Fisheries (02/06/2017)

Advisory Panel Call 2: (04/03/2017)
Presentation 1 – Matt Campbell
Presentation 2 – Mandy Karnauskas (presented by Shannon Martin)

Advisory Panel Call 3: (07/05/2017)
Presentation 1 – Kim de Mutsert
Presentation 2 – Stephen Brandt

Advisory Panel Call 4: (03/01/2018)

Annual Progress Report (2017)

Annual Progress Report 2018

Fisheries Monitoring Workgroup Workshop (May 15-17 2018)

AFS Symposium 2018 

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