Doctoral Students

Tunde Adebola, PhD (graduated 2017): Investigating Anthropogenic Impacts in Nigerian Coastal Waters Using Ecosystem Modeling Approaches.

Adrian Dahood, PhD (graduated 2017): Conserving Biodiversity in the Western Antarctic Peninsula Region: Marine Protected Area Design and Policy Implications.

Treda Grayson, PhD  (graduated 2019): Responses of Benthic Macrofauna to Environmental Stressors: A Synthesis of Chesapeake Bay Data.

Peter Jacobs, PhD student (projected graduation 2020): Interrogating Late Cenozoic proxy-model agreement through novel climate and ecological model simulations.

Sara Marriott, PhD candidate (projected graduation 2021): Connecting Social and Ecological Systems in Small-Scale Fisheries in the Philippines.

CJ Schlick, PhD (graduated 2016): Life history traits and population dynamics of river herring, alewife Alosa pseudoharengus and blueback herring Alosa aestivalis in Potomac River tributaries.

Treda Grayson and Amie Howell examing shell from benthic sample. USEPA photo by Eric Vance