Workshop 2: Hypoxia Effects on Fish and Fisheries

Workshop 2:  tools introduction and training

Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
Miami, FL 2019

Summary of Workshop


Presentations are available as clickable links

Day 1 (June 24)

8:30 AM Welcome, introductions, and today’s schedule: Kim de Mutsert, George Mason University

9:00 AM Survey Results: Sara Marriott, George Mason University

9:30 AM Model details: Hypoxia model: Arnaud Laurent, Dalhouise University

10:15 AM Model details: bio-energetics models: Steve Brandt, Oregon State University

11:15 AM Model details: Ecospace model: Kim de Mutsert

12:00 PM Data collection metrics: Cynthia Sellinger, Oregon State University

12:30 PM Morning wrap-up, gathering of input: Matt Campbell, NOAA Fisheries

2:00 PM Working in Ecopath with Ecosim: Joe Buszowski and Kim de Mutsert

4:45 PM Day 1 wrap-up, gathering of input: Matt Campbell

Day 2 (June 25)

8:30 AM Welcome, recap day 1, day 2 schedule: Matt Campbell

9:00 AM Working with the NGOMEX Ecospace model, Kim de Mutsert

9:30 AM Working with bioenergetics models in R: Cassie Glaspie, Oregon State University

1:30 PM Introducing the map-based decision support tool: Kristy Lewis, University of Central Florida

2:45 PM Feedback on tools and output visualization: All, Matt Campbell as Moderator

3:45 PM Day 2 wrap-up, path forward: Kim de Mutsert

NCCOS Coverage and Summary