Masters Students

Sammie Alexander, accelerated MSc (graduated 2020): Assessment of Fish Passage Use and Success in Facilitating Movement of Regionally Vulnerable and Invasive Fish Species in Potomac River Tributaries.

Chris Bodner, MSc (graduated 2019): Exploring the ecological role of nonnative Blue Catfish, Ictalurus furcatus, in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Jessie Melton, MSc (graduated 2019): An evaluation of non-invasive sampling methods in determining river herring abundance.

Adam Murray, Masters Student (anticipated graduation 2023).

Casey Pehrson, MSc (graduated 2020): Trophic Changes in a Freshwater Tidal Food Web After Water Quality Improvements & Invasive Species (Ictalurus furcatus) Introduction. 

Amanda Sills, MSc (graduated 2015): Long-term trends and identification of ichthyoplankton assemblage structures in a recovering tidal freshwater embayment.

Amanda and CJ dissecting alewife.
Amanda and CJ dissecting alewife.