NGOMEX Workshop 1: Hypoxia Effects on Fish and Fisheries


Kick off meeting of decision support tool development.

Hyatt Regency Hotel, New Orleans. February 06, 2017

Workshop 1 Summary (PDF)


(Presentations are available as clickable links)

8:30 AM  Welcome, project introduction, and today’s schedule:  Kim de Mutsert, George Mason University; Matt Campbell, NOAA Fisheries

8:45 AM  Use of Models – Ecospace:  Kim de Mutsert

9:00 AM  Use of Models – Production Potential:  Steve Brandt, Oregon State University

9:15 AM  Use of Models – ROMS:  Arnaud Laurent, Dalhouise University

9:30 AM  Science Application:  Matt Campbell

9:45 AM  Synergistic project – Synthesis and Integrated Modeling of Long-term Data Sets to Support Fisheries and Hypoxia Management in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Dan Obenour, NC State University

10:00 AM  Synergistic project – Using Linked Models to Predict the Impacts of Hypoxia on Gulf Coast Fisheries under Scenarios of Watershed and River Management:  Kenny Rose, Louisiana State University

10:15 AM  NOAA CSCOR View on Science Needs:  Alan Lewitus, NOAA CSCOR Branch Chief

10:45 AM  Breakout group intro; Decision Options in Ecospace:  Kim de Mutsert

10:55 AM  Decision Options in Production Potential Models:  Stephen Brandt

11:05 AM  Decision Options in ROMS Drivers:  Arnaud Laurent

11:15 -12:00 AM  Breakout groups:  Matt Campbell (coordinator)

  • Ecospace:  Kim
  • Production Potential:  Steve, Cynthia
  • ROMS scenarios:  Arnaud

12:00 PM  Report-out, Ecospace:  Kim de Mutsert

12:10 PM  Report-out, PP Species:  Steve Brandt

12:20 PM  Report-out, ROMS Scenarios:  Arnaud Laurent

12:30 PM  Open discussion:  Matt Campbell (moderator)

12:50 PM  Morning wrap-up:  Kim de Mutsert

2:10 PM  Role of advisory panel:  Matt Campbell

2:20 PM  Discuss breakout group outcome and useful tools/products of modeling efforts:  Matt Campbell (moderator)

3:15 PM  How can our work contribute to collection metrics?  Matt Campbell (moderator)

3:45 PM  Recap of discussion/decision Interpretation:  Kim de Mutsert

4:15 PM  Discuss way forward and timeline:  Matt Campbell