Former Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Cassandra Glaspie, PhD

Marine ecosystems are impacted by anthropogenic stressors such as climate change, habitat loss, and overfishing. An interdisciplinary approach is necessary to address real world problems related to sustainability. Our research integrates laboratory, field, and modeling approaches to address the question: how do habitat loss, ocean acidification, hypoxia, and climate change alter interactions between members of an ecological community, and what are the implications for humanity?

My dissertation research with Rochelle Seitz (Virginia Institute of Marine Science) addressed conservation of bivalves in a regime of habitat loss, and the role of extreme storm events in modifying interactions between bivalves and their major predators. My postdoctoral research with Stephen Brandt (Oregon State University) and Kim de Mutsert (George Mason University) examines the impact of hypoxia on trophic interactions among pelagic fish species in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Visit my website here.