Dr. Kim de Mutsert

Kim de Mutsert, Assistant Professor

Dr. de Mutsert is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Coastal Sciences in School of Ocean Science and Engineering at the University of Southern Mississippi. Her research is focused on coastal and estuarine fish ecology. She studies the effects of environmental and anthropogenic stressors on nekton abundance, community structure, food web dynamics and fisheries. Examples of stressors included in her studies are eutrophication, oil pollution, habitat alteration, hypoxia, fisheries, and changes in freshwater discharge. She uses a combination of fieldĀ monitoring, lab studies, and ecosystem modeling in her projects.

Current Projects

2017-2021 NOAA Restore Act Science Program. Ecosystem modeling to improve fisheries management in the Gulf of Mexico. D. Chagaris (lead PI), S. Sagarese, M. Lauretta, R. Ahrens, and K. de Mutsert. $851,838.

2016-2021 NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science. NGOMEX 2016: User-driven tools to predict and assess effects of reduced nutrients and hypoxia on living resources in the Gulf of Mexico. K. de Mutsert (lead PI), K.A. Lewis, M.C. Campbell, S. Brandt, and C. Sellinger. $900,000.

Ongoing since 1984 Fairfax County, VA. An Ecological Study of Gunston Cove 2019/2020. R.C. Jones (lead PI), K. de Mutsert and A. Fowler. approximately $85,000 annually.

Ongoing since 2013 Alexandria Renew Enterprises. Ecological Study of Hunting Creek. R.C. Jones (lead PI), K. de Mutsert, B. Van Aken, A. Fowler, and R.A. McBride. approximately $220,000 annually.

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