Abiola Obafemi

Abiola is from Osun, a Southwest state in Nigeria, where he got his Bachelor of science in Fisheries (Marine sciences department) from the University of Lagos. He studied lotic and lentic aquatic ecosystems. He has carried out several routine monitoring of water quality parameters in the artificial insemination of Clarias spp. He has assessed the species selectivity of wire gauze traps in Lagos lagoon while also focusing on the effects of anthropogenic activities on the water parameters of the habitat.  

His work at the USM will focus on the effects of a hypoxic environment on Eastern Oysters (Crassostera virginica) and how the Mid-Breton sediment diversion will affect Mississippi Sound and Bright. His long-term goal is to save, restore, and improve the diversity of both freshwater and saltwater habitats by actively informing government and non-governmental agencies together with the populace about the effects of anthropogenic activities on aquatic habitats in the plight of global climate change. 

Abiola loves playing and watching soccer in his free time. He also loves listening to music and traveling to historical places. He is a dog lover *winks*