Advisory Panel Call April 2017

This meeting reviewed progress made since Workshop 1. We discussed changes in the advisory panel, progress in reaching our milestones, and future meeting goals. Matt Campbell summarized progress from the previous workshop regarding model grid sized, species list, connections between models, and stock assessment (presentation below). Shannon Martin gave the presentation that Mandy Karnauskas gave at the State of the Gulf of Mexico Summit March 26-27, detailing NOAA’s Integrated Ecosystem Assessment Program (presentation below). The IEA’s Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem Status Report was introduced in this presentation, the full report can be downloaded here:

We look forward to the next advisory panel meeting (tentatively) in early July, and the AFS meeting in August. We hope to be able to schedule a meeting during the AFS conference with the IEA team and other advisory panel members that are present at AFS. See the Advisory Call 2 presentations (PDF’s) below.

Matt Campbell: User-driven tools to predict and assess the effects of reduced nutrients and hypoxia on living resources in the Gulf of Mexico

Mandy Karnauskas: NOAA Integrated Ecosystem Assessment Program’s Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem Status Reports (presented by Shannon Martin)