Current Undergraduate Students


Sammie Alexander

Sammie is an undergraduate Honors College student at George Mason, studying Environmental Science with a concentration in Marine, Estuarine, and Freshwater Ecology and a minor in Conservation Studies. She has a strong interest in wildlife preservation and recovery.


Tanya Traeger

Tanya Traeger is an undergraduate student in the department of Biology and an aspiring veterinarian.  She happened across the Environmental Science Program, specifically the Fish Ecology Lab, when she was accepted to the department of Biology’s Fall Research Semester of 2016. Working directly with Kim de Mutsert and Casey Pehrson, Tanya has been studying a regime shift in the fish community and diet analysis at Gunston Cove, VA. Data collected from 2016 was compared to historical data from 1999 to illustrate the community shift. Additionally, Tanya collaborated with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in Edgewater, MD to perform DNA barcoding of fish stomach contents. Ultimately, the results from this project will provide a very specific insight into the diets of the fish in the cove. Hopefully, the study of the fish stomach contents will continue in the upcoming years to illustrate the response of the native fish to the invasive Blue Catfish and to the continued increase in water quality of the cove.