Kim de Mutsert and Steve Brandt gave presentations from the AFS meeting.

Summary of Steve Brant’s Presentation:

Key Issue: If you reduce nutrient loading, will reduction of hypoxia improve fish production? But also, if you reduce nutrient loading, do you reduce fish production? (Yes).

Take home messages: How does EFH change to change nutrient loading? Benefits of reduced hypoxia are dampened by lower trophic level activity. Evident in anchovy and zooplankton. Hypoxia only represents NGOMEX as a fraction in time, while nutrient loading is effecting the whole system.

Future: Evaluate consequences of fish behavior, add new species, data validation, food web models.

Kim’s presentation:
De Mutsert AFS 2018-APCC Nov 2018

Other Business

  • Workshop meeting dates for Miami.
    • Kim also has funding for participants to attend.
  • CERF Meeting is in Mobile 2019