In memory of Adrian Dahood-Fritz

by Kim de Mutsert

We are deeply saddened by the loss of ESP alumna Adrian Dahood-Fritz and her husband Andrew Fritz. Adrian was a passionate scientist and caring lab member and friend. She attained her PhD in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy in Fall 2017 with her research on marine protected area placement in Antarctica, for which she received the department’s greatest impact award.  She cared deeply about the conservation and sustainability of the Antarctic region and continued her instrumental work in this region after she graduated, first as a post-doctoral researcher, and most recently as senior scientist/policy advisor at the Ocean Protection Council. She and her husband will be dearly missed by those left behind.

In celebration of Adrian’s life and legacy I would like to share some great things about her. Adrian always sent a postcard when she was away on a research trip. I’ve kept them all; a postcard from Antarctica, how cool is that?! Plus, these were pretty much the only postcards the lab received, what a fun idea.

Postcards from Adrian

She loved to write about her research, here are the blog posts she posted on my website: 

For those of you wanting to dig into the details of her research, here’s a paper she published earlier this year in PLOS ONE, a prestigious scientific journal:

She was very close to getting the main paper of her dissertation published. I am going to try to make that happen.


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